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Volunteer Training and Coach, Referee & Management Supercamps:
Section 3, Area T

Friday March 6, 7-10:15pm: Introduction to Instruction #201500627; (pre-requisite for coach-, referee- and management- instructor course).
Friday March 13, 7-10:15pm: Introduction to Instruction #201500628; (pre-requisite for coach-, referee- and management- instructor course). NOTE: attend either 3/6 or 3/13, you have 2 opportunities to attend!
Saturday March 14, 1:45-6pm PLUS Sunday March 15, noon-4pm: Coach Instructor #201500629; Requirements: Introduction to Instruction, U12 Certified Coach, Safe Haven. (Dress as a coach, bring indoor soccer shoes or sneakers (no cleats), sweat pants, pen and paper, snacks, water. Welcome to bring players for Sunday Session (U8-U14).)
Location: Mount Pleasant Town Rec Center (next door to MP Branch Library), 125 Lozza Drive, Valhalla, NY 10595.
Questions? Contact Luis Lewis at 917-510-5816.
Note: referee- and management- instructor courses are in the planning.

Area 3/T Coach Super Camp Requirements and Information
1. To minimize course check-in delays, it is extremely important to get all volunteers signed up in advance in eAYSO so we can insure we have enough space and course supplies for them. Your volunteers should sign up now for the courses in eAYSO.org using MyeAYSO, enroll to take a class and Course Signup using the course roster numbers above after completing and submitting their eAYSO Profile and Volunteer Application if they have not already done so. Otherwise, Coach Administrators must sign them up using eAYSO Lookup -> Course -> Course Signup. If a volunteer does not have an eAYSO application or registered record, the volunteer cannot be signed up for a course until he or she submits an application in eAYSO.
2. Please make sure your coaches understand that to earn credit for a course, they must plan to arrive 15 minutes early to find parking, check-in for their course at the main entrance, get to the classroom on time, attend the entire course and pass a test with at least 70% correct answers at the end of each course. No exceptions. Those arriving late and/or leaving early are welcome to stay, participate and get whatever they can for the time they do attend, but not course credit.
3. Safe Haven Coach or the new "AYSO's Safe Haven" course and age appropriate coach training courses are required by AYSO for all head coaches and assistant coaches. "AYSO's Safe Haven" has been completely revised to address current topics such as bullying, concussions and more. It is recommended as an update for all coaches who attended the old Safe Haven Coach course.
4. Age appropriate coach training for all U6, U8, U10 U12 and U14 head coaches and assistant coaches is mandated by the AYSO National Board of Directors. U16-U19/Advanced Coach training is mandated for the 2015 fall season.
5. The U6 up through U12 Coach Courses and manuals were completely revised in late spring 2013 and now include a whole season's worth of training sessions among other changes. Coaches who took the old courses are encouraged to attend the new courses which are far better and will improve their coaching skills, knowledge and experience.
6. Courses except AYSO's Safe Haven and Coach Administrator Training include clinic fieldwork. Coaches should dress like a coach, wear a coach shirt if they have one and bring pen and notepad. They and their team player(s) should bring an appropriate size soccer ball (#5 for coaches), shin guards, turf shoes or cleats, dry gym shoes with clean soles in case we have to use the school gym, water, sun protection, and big smiles.
7. The success of AYSO Coaching courses is dependent on having the minimum numbers of players required at the indicated clinic session times listed for each course above. Attending coaches as a group or their regions collectively must arrange for the minimum number of team players listed for each of the course clinic sessions above and register them with Andy Hongell or course must be cancelled.
8. Saturday lunches will be provided on site only for coaches, players and instructors staying for courses through lunch time.
9. Please check this page (www.aysoarea3t.org/training.html) for updates and any revisions or corrections.

Volunteer training is being conducted contineously and at every level:
Regional level: see local calendar and eAYSO ([Signup][Course])
Area level: Supercamps and eAYSO ([Signup][Course])
Section level: Section 3 Expo, March 7-9, Southbury, CT; and eAYSO ([Signup][Course])
National level: RC, AD and SD training; NAGM, AYSOtraining.org, on-line Training (for which you need your AYSO ID number; ask your RC), Webinars, Self Paced Training, Coach Training Matrix and Course Catalog.
On AYSOtraining.org you will find AYSO Manual Downloads for all functions for all Volunteers in pdf format (except the new 2013 U6, U8, U10 and U12 coaching manuals, which can currently only be obtained trough the AYSO Supply Center).

Area 3T Super Camp