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Area 3T Referee and Coaches Bulletin
Section 3, Area T

Fall 2017 (see PDF version here)

Field and Team Setup - National Guidelines

Age Game Length Width Goal Size Ball Size Half Length
6U 4v4 25-35 15-25 4 by 6 3 10 Mins
7U 4v4 25-35 15-25 4 by 6 3 10 Mins
8U 4v4 25-35 15-25 4 by 6 3 20 Mins
10U 7v7 60-65 35-45 6.5 by 18 4 25 Mins
12U 9v9 70-80 45-55 6.5 by 18 4 30 Mins
14U 11v11 100-130 50-100 8 by 24 5 35 Mins
19U 11v11 100-130 50-100 8 by 24 5 45 Mins

If a field is significantly outside these guidelines the coaches and referee should discuss any temporary modifications that could be made to bring the field closer to specification.  Player safety though is paramount and should be considered if using cones etc. to redefine the playing area.

There is no "quarter" break teams may perform a sideline substitution half way through each half. The referee will stop the game at an appropriate moment to allow subs.  Coaches must have subs ready to go. This is not a water break.

Safety and Equipment

  • Goals are appropriately secured, sandbags, weights etc.
  • Field is free of foreign objects.
  • Players all have shin guards/appropriate equipment and are wearing different colors
  • NO Jewelry
  • Take extra water breaks as needed if it is extremely hot.
  • Reminder there is no heading allowed until 14U. 
    • If a player in 10U or 12U deliberately heads a ball the result is an indirect free kick from the spot of the header.


We maintain a coaching sideline and a parents/fans sideline.
Only registered volunteers should be on the coaching sideline.
Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their fans, it is not the job of the referee. 

New Rules for Fall 2017

1)     No punting before 14U (i.e. in 10U and 12U games)
a.     Defined as goalkeeper kicking from hands
b.    Ok to drop to floor and then kick off ground once ball stops bouncing.
c.     If team punts correct action is indirect free kick on the goal area (6yd) line nearest where the punt was taken from.
Recommended for first week to give a re-do for the first offence.

2)     The Build out line
a.     AYSO Area 3T implementation different from national guidelines so do not follow online videos etc. Differences highlighted in bold.
b.    Line should be marked half way between penalty area and the halfway line. If no-line then mark using tall cones outside the touchline. 
c.     When the goalkeeper has possession of the ball either in hand, or on a goal kick, the opposition must be behind this line until  the ball is touched a second time.  Most of the time this means until a teammate touches the ball, however:
d.    If a goalkeeper drops the ball and starts dribbling, that action counts as a second touch and the opponent is free to cross the build out line.
e.     There is no penalty for a goalkeeper throwing over the build out line.
f.     Goalkeepers can play the ball out with opposition still inside the build out line, there is no penalty for this.
g.    Referees and coaches should encourage players to move behind build out line quickly whenever keeper has possession.
h.     Offside in 3T will be called as normal (opposing half), the Build Out line does not come into play.

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