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To Be a Coach

Welcome, coaching in AYSO is a fun and incredibly rewarding experience!
To become an AYSO coach, you must be certified in the age level you are coaching. 

No certification = No coaching;
so please take care of these 4 steps!
We can not make any exceptions.

Certification requires four easy steps of you:

  1. Apply as a volunteer on this website (5 minutes).
    • If you are a returning coach, this is still required.
    • This will trigger a background screening check by our national organization, each year, which is why a SSN is required.
    • An AYSO member year is from August 1 to July 31. 

  2. Complete the AYSO Safe Haven™ training course online on AYSOU (1 hour)

  3. Complete the Concussion Awareness training course online on AYSOU (30 minutes)

  4. Register for, attend and complete the age-specific AYSO soccer coach training course for the division you are coaching (Kindergarten U6, 1st or 2nd U8, 3rd or 4th U10, 5th or 6th U12, 7th or 8th U14, 9th-12th U19) (See training link). It's only a few hours but it will equip you to deal with children and teach them soccer consistent with their age. At the soccer coaching course, you are provided a brand new Coaching Manual that provides you with training plans and activities for the age you are coaching.  At the coaches meeting (before the season), you are provided with equipment and a coaches shirt if you are certified, and a roster of players/parents to contact as you start the season. 

  5. Be authorized by the Region as a coach. Your application to coach may be rejected for any reason by the Regional Board, and is subject to renewal each season. You are not a coach until you are authorized by the Regional Board, even if you have applied and taken the requisite training. Your prior actions as a parent and/or coach may be taken into account as part of the authorization or renewal process at the sole discretion of the Regional Board. Coaching is a privilege and not a right.

As you conduct the season as a coach, please implement the following best practices:

  1. Hold a kick-off meeting for your own team to set expectations, educate your parents about AYSO, and layout your plans for the season.

  2. Prepare for and coach your team's games and run your team practices:
    • This is the fun part that you do with your kids! Thanks for coaching!
    •  Do whatever it takes to be a positive coach (help parents, help players, schlep equipment, send emails, make phone calls, print & carry the necessary forms, etc.)
    •  Be an outstanding AYSO role model for your kids and parents (practice all AYSO philosophies).

  3. Evaluate your players at the end of the season, enter their rankings into the player tracking system (so we can balance teams next season)

  4. Distribute trophies and encourage continued participation in soccer!

Please see the Coaches Section on the AYSO National Website for more information

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